1. Challenge

Get a brief, accept it and just act upon it? That’s not the pack’s style. We challenge you as well as ourselves to dig deep into what you and your audience truly need. How do we take care of that? Through in-depth user researches.

As soon as we know where to go, we search for ways to get you there. We go lean and versatile first, creating the minimum viable product, saving you time and money.

2. Build

As soon as we’re all on the same page about what needs to be done, know what KPIs to follow and how we’ll get to the finish line, we set off. You can certainly leave this to us, but we believe that the stronger the bond, the better the outcome.

We believe in the power of small teams and owning the innovation journey. Instead of task lists, we see products.

3. Evaluate

Let’s face the facts. We constantly validate our assumptions, turning “we think” into “we know”. Do the numbers show the results you are after? Great! Is it better than just good enough? Then the pack factor worked!