Wir von Hier

Connecting neighbors

Imagine there’s a Facebook, but for your local neighborhood. Giving back more social cohesion and interaction between people living in the same quarter. Connecting businesses with new customers. Bringing back the fun of doing various activities – from sports to knitting – literally “next door”.

The Venture

WIR VON HIER is thinking big, but sticking to a lean startup paradigm. Even when rolling out a big neighborhood social network, it’s beneficial to start with smaller cities or – like here – an island! The excellent and experienced founder team knew that to get rolling, they first needed to do the basics well – and then start spicing it up with some secret ingredients. For us, this is one of the biggest and most exciting projects we have been part of.



4 months + handover to internal team


Technical Consultancy & System Architecture
UX and UI Consultancy
Backend / API Development
Frontend Development
Mobile App Development


ReactJS / ReactNative
PHP / Silex / NodeJS
Cloud Server Infrastructure


  • High performance real-time web application
  • Sign-up process including address verification
  • Various content types like posts, groups, events, places, and classifieds
  • Connection to external news sources via Twitter & RSS
  • Direct messaging between neighbors
  • Notifications and an advanced system for following content


After the initial briefing, we took over most of the specification work, and sprinted through the various features within four months. We also added two additional months of iteration cycles. As the focus of the first prototype was mainly functional, we only used minimal design sprints, and solved most visuals directly in code. The system was built in a microservice architecture to be easily extendable and prepared for massive scaling. As far as technology goes, we mixed cutting edge front-end frameworks (like Facebook’s React), and well-established and tested backend libraries like Silex / Symfony.

Now we are developing a native mobile app as an “upgrade” to the existing React Code with a transition to React Native, which is our approach to save costs and establish a working prototype fast at the early stages.


Sleighdogs came on board in the very beginning. They laid the foundations with our first prototype and have been drilling through a lot of complexity already. In parallel we build an own team and got the hand over later - that brought us a lot of speed. We had the pleasure to work with this very committed team! Rock on guys!

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