Living healthier - made easy!

UpGreatLife is a company delivering weekly superfoods with a digital coach access to help its users upgrade their health and lifestyle. They can get superfood boxes and healthy recipes, fitness and yoga videos, inspiring tips, and more – UpGreatLife is a 360° health program in their hand.

The Venture

UpGreatLife is run by experienced founders from the very successful Berlin company builder atlanticlabs, run by early-stage investor Christopher Maire. It is one of the fine examples of focussing on getting the product out early and then iterating and improving based on real user feedback and insights. Seeing the live transition from an early MVP to an international powerhouse is very impressive!



3 months + Continuous improvement


Technical Consultancy
Templates & Development
Custom SMS system


PHP / Symfony
Cloud Server Infrastructure


  • Ordering system for superfood boxes
  • A health program activation through a custom SMS system
  • Digital coach with automatic mailing every day, depending on the user’s fitness program and start date
  • Highly integrated 3rd party marketing and A/B split testing tools


This project is special for us, because it is not only addressing physical products combined with a digital enhancement (coaching), but it also started as a typical lean startup, with only minimal features, in order to validate the idea quickly. Hence, our biggest challenge here was in scaling the MVP with a staggering success in increasing sales.

But the product did not become successful just by launching marketing campaigns. Instead, after the launch, we worked closely together and tested out many details to increase conversion rates by almost daily A/B split tests.


After the sale, each customer gets an individual digital coach sent to their mobile phone.


To build a successful startup, you need very smart people. But beside that, it just requires a lot of sweat and hard work – every day. We are happy that Sleighdogs are pulling with us through all the ups and downs, that they voice their concerns when needed, and stick to a lean product.

By having them as our development partner, we can focus on our core business and customers.

CEO UpGreatLife