I’ll Meteor You!

5 Reasons I Love Meteor.js – And Why You Should Give it a Try

Dominik Salai


25 June 2015

I am pretty sure you’ve heard about Meteor. In case you haven’t, check it out on the web after reading this short article. Either way, it was you who clicked on the article title, because you wanted my two cents. Or maybe you’re thinking of trying it with your next project or startup. It all started a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Back in 2012, I was completely amazed when I first heard about Meteor. It was giving real-time web apps the justice they deserved. I remember showing some screencasts to all my friends who were at least a bit tech savvy and might understand what was going on (I am pretty sure that Karl and Jonas would remember). But that was just the beginning. Back then, it had many problems: no security, no additional packages, and no community. And that’s just a glimpse.

Since then, Meteor has come a long way. The people behind it did, and still are, doing a great job of improving the platform. Many of the mentioned problems are gone and more Meteor awesomeness is added to the platform with every release.

Okay so why should you consider giving Meteor a try? Especially when you are a startup?

Fast and Simple Prototyping

Oh, yeah baby, and when I say fast prototyping I mean really fast. You have a new idea? Try it out as soon as possible. With Meteor it is often a matter of couple of hours (if not minutes for more experienced Meteor developers) to create an application with basic functionality.

Creating Mobile Apps

Want more? Of course you do. Recently Meteor announced, that with minimal effort you can deploy your Meteor based application on mobile devices running Android and iOS with Cordova.


If you are still not convinced, I will add another thing – deployment. I am pretty sure that most  developers have gone through some deployment processes where they were ripping their hair out. Deployment with Meteor is super easy. Registering and deploying is a matter of issuing few commands.

Free hosting

What’s even greater is that Meteor lets you host  your application on their servers out of the box. This is handy when you are trying to test it with multiple users or just show the state of the project to a client.


Meteor has one of the fastest growing developer communities. The number of packages is rising every day. And to add more, you can definitely kick in any module from NPM into your Meteor project which is super handy. Also the whole community’s response rate is great, in case you encounter a problem or need help implementing something.

You might think that I just want to persuade you to go for Meteor and nothing else. I must admit, Meteor is not the “Swiss Army Knife” for everything, there are application types (like OLTP or ones where data integrity is crucial) which are not suitable for Meteor, for sure. But if your main concern is that Meteor does not have some functionality which might be handy once your project grows, don’t sweat it yet. Start with prototyping, and by the time your project grows to enormous size the community will have everything figured out.

Over all, I’ve always had a really pleasant experience working with this technology stack. Please bare in mind that I am by no means a Meteor expert, just an enthusiast who finds Meteor’s way of doing things friendly and innovative.

In the end I just want to say that If I encouraged someone to use Meteor for his next project or just have him more interested in it, this article was a success. If you do try Meteor, let me know how it goes!

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