Bits for the Weekend – 02/02/2018

CSS shakes, a quick guide to creating a great company culture, and a bunch more to dive into!

Daniela Patterson


2 February 2018

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January felt like the longest month in the history of long months, but it’s now finally over! Hopefully everyone’s fully gotten over the dreaded post-holiday blues, and you’re all properly back in the full swing of things now. We definitely are! That’s why, in a typical Sleighdogs fashion, we’ve been pondering many different, tricky things this week. Here are the ones we thought you might love to read as well, from code and development to company culture and games. Enjoy!

Transcriptions made easy

Launched in December, Descript is a toolkit of superpowers for anyone who works with voice audio. It’s the perfect solution for all of us out there who need to, sometimes, view audio files as text, get fast and cheap transcriptions, publish compositions online to get feedback, and a whole lot more. If you’re intrigued, give this article a read.

The new dialog element is here!

HTML 5.2 has introduced a new dialog element for native modal dialog boxes. Keith J. Grant wrote up this great round-up of its features, as well as made a full working demo.

What’s key to developing a great company culture?

Justin Rosenstein, the creator of Asana, talks about how to develop a great company culture — something Asana is very well known for in the industry. If you strive for a great company culture, or you’re just curious about how things can be done differently and how employees can be made happier, give this a read.

Shake it ’til you make it!

Need to inject some movement into your DOM? Well, here’s just what you need. A nifty collection of CSShakes classes! Slow shake, hard shake, crazy shake… what’s it gonna be?

2018 Developer Skills Report

For the first time ever, HackerRank surveyed their community to get a feel for its members’ developer skills. Based on the 39.441 responses they gathered, the 2018 Developer Skills Report provides some fascinating insights. There’s plenty of discussion going over at /r/programming as well, if you want to share your thoughts. By the way, just out of curiosity, how old were you when you learned to code? Let us know!

PS: Some us could barely walk and they were already HTMLing away!

A world without jobs…

This is a hefty, hefty one. Perhaps for a Saturday night-time reading. But an interesting one nonetheless, if you’ve ever wondered why we work, why we work the way we work, and if a society without work is actually something plausible in the future. What are your thoughts?

Mobile Mario is karting your way!

Last but not least, fresh from the Nintendo HQ, everyone’s favorite Mario Kart will be coming to mobile next year! Hands up who’s excited?

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