Bits for the Weekend – 15/12/17

How clued up are you on GDPR? And have you heard of Design Principles? Dive right in - there's more too!

Daniela Patterson


15 December 2017

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This week, we have a nice mishmash of apps we think can make all our lives a tad easier, some great learning tools because learning and getting better at things is always the way to go, a fun Kickstarter project thrown in as well, and lots more. Read on, have a great weekend, and enjoy whatever holiday shenanigans are coming your way!

You’re a developer. So is GDPR a big deal for you?

Make sure to give this article a read if you’re a developer and wondering if and how the new General Data Protection Regulation impacts you and your work.


A laptop skin that not only protects your notebook but also turns it into a whiteboard! We could definitely see this one coming in handy in those heated brainstorming sessions, helping us make sure great ideas don’t get forgotten.

Take a look inside Google’s 2017 numbers

Moz partnered up with Jumpshot and they’ve put together one of the most interesting retrospections of 2017. This Slideshare can tell you a whole lot about Google’s search growth this past year, its click distribution, and much, much more. Definitely worth spending a bit of time on this one!

Wireframe UX kits for mobile & web

Those wireframe UX kits are build exclusively for Adobe XD and could be the way to go if you’re looking for inspiration to speed up wireframes.

Keep track of your office games with Leaderboard

Who doesn’t like a bit of the good old office competitiveness?! We all do. But in the heat of the moment, things can get a bit too crazy to keep track of all the winners, points, and charts. Add Leaderboard to your Slack and keeping track of office games will be a piece of cake.

A place to learn about and create Design Principles

Design Principles is an awesome open source resource that can help you get clued up on all things Design Principles related. We’re definitely fans of this one!

Free templates to help you create great visuals is a free and super easy to use tool for creating infographics, timelines, reports, and loads more. We’ve discovered it recently and already found use for it many times. Give it a try!

Great music mixes for when you’re programming hard

Ever happened to struggle finding music to help you stay on track and focused while you’re knee deep in programming? Well, here’s your solution. Obviously also compatible with other activities.

Find the Fabulous you!

A simple science-based coach that can help you in your efforts to reach your health and productivity goals. It’s perfect if you like nice, responsive designs, and are also into your behavioral science as it applies a lot of its techniques and methods.

What have you been reading and thinking about this week? What are your music favorites to blast when you’re programming (or doing anything else that requires a lot of concentration)? Shoot us a tweet — we’d love to know!

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